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Tarkett iSelect System is a unique flooring option that stands up to real-life water, moisture, scuffs, scratches and indentations in a warm, comfortable and it-looks-great kind of way. To find out more about this product check the manufacturer's website.

Armstrong has over 100 years of successfully delivering quality flooring. They stand behind their products with great service and extensive warranties. Cluney Carpets is proud to be associated with this company. Visit their website to find out more.

Vinyls by

     inyl flooring is also called ‘’resilient’’ flooring because it characteristically ‘’bounces back’’ from the weight of objects that compress its surface.

It can be described as smooth surfaced flooring manufactured by combining plastic with filler and pigments, then processed into sheets.

This type of flooring is made to withstand high-traffic and high-moisture areas of the home. Due to its advances print technology, vinyl flooring realistically replicates the look and texture of many natural materials like hardwood, stone and ceramic.


There are three wear layers to choose from: vinyl no-wax, urethane (PVC) and enhanced urethane.

Vinyl no-wax
Vinyl no-wax is not as durable as the other vinyl wear layers available, but still withstands wear and tear as well as some stains. Despite the name, “no-wax” floors may require occasional polishing to maintain their shine.

Urethane (PVC)
Urethane wear layers resist damage and staining better than vinyl no-wax does. The surface of a urethane wear layer can have more texture to it as well.

Enhanced urethane
Enhanced urethane is the most durable vinyl flooring wear (surface) layer and the easiest to keep clean. Enhanced urethane also has a shine that lasts longer than vinyl no-wax and urethane.

Why choose a Vinyl Floor from Cluney Carpets Ltd.? For one thing, we have vinyls in 6’ lengths - which means you do NOT have to buy a 12’ length for a smaller area - thus you SAVE on a smaller piece!
Easy Maintenance - requires vacuuming or sweeping with an occasional wash. Easy to find just the right color and pattern to coordinate with your room. Resists common household stains such as shoe polish, ketchup, mustard, markers, and traffic stains. Resists scuffing in high-traffic areas and minor cuts, tears, and gouges from normal household activity.

Vinyl Flooring

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We have many more Vinyls available.  Since prices are subject to change without notice -   please call or visit our store for updated pricing.