Dear Myra,

I would like to extend thanks  from both John and Myself for your effort in getting the kitchen flooring in when none could be found in the province. It was truly appreciated.

Dealing with your company has been a pleasure. The carpets and the flooring look great. Thanks to the gentlemen who left enough space at the base of the bottom step of the stairwell so that when we installed the hardwood, we could slide the end of each piece directly beneath the carpet.

Once again, thank-you for such great service

Lise N.

Dear Editor, (from a local paper)

We recently moved back to Newfoundland having been in Ontario for thirty seven years. When we were moving here we expected that we would do most of our shopping in St. John's; however, I am realizing that The Shore has much to offer consumers.

We were looking for flooring for our kitchen so I got out the Yellow Pages and went to many flooring places in St. John's including a wholesaler who asked if we had tried Cluney Carpets on the shore. They assured us that Cluney's was reputable and had much to offer. We went there expecting to find a few overpriced things like you would find in a few small places. We learned that Cluney Carpets is no small place. They had so many choices we ended up with new flooring all over the house and at unbeatable prices. All the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. Before we even paid a deposit they were laying flooring. You can bet your life you wouldn't see that happening in Ontario. Our installers, Dave and Murray, did an awesome job on each of the three kinds of flooring we have chosen and remained cheerful and friendly as they worked.

So there you have it; whatever you need can be had right here on the shore and along with that we have the bay with all its beauty.

Eileen K.

We purchased carpet at your store on Saturday, November 10th. I must commend you on the excellent service we received. It was installed yesterday (Wednesday) and I have to give you credit for your excellent taste in hiring your installers. Two young men came to our home and they were quite polite, friendly and very professional.

I would not hesitate to recommend your business to anyone who expressed interest in getting new flooring.

Once again, thank you for all your help.

Bernice R.