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Hardwoods by

       ardwood flooring is made from hundreds of different wood species. The more popular to choose from when deciding on the perfect hardwood flooring for your home is found among the Red Oak, White Oak, Birch, Canadian Maple, Hickory or Walnut.

Each species yields different colours, textures and styles that will add a unique touch to your living area.


Many factors from the nature of the wood to the way it was cut, can affect its appearance. Wood species are also categorized as either domestic or exotic.

Domestic wood species refer to any wood that is grown and harvested in North America. Exotic wood species are harvested outside North America.

Keep in mind that one of the most important strength

properties for wood used in flooring is its side hardness, which is determined with the Janka hardness test. Side hardness refers to a wood’s resistance to wear, dents and marks.

Cluney Carpets Ltd. is proud of our Hardwood Floors! That's because we have chosen three companies to be our main suppliers - and quite simply - we have found them to be the BEST!

Hardwood Flooring

Wickham Hardwood Flooring is located close to the suburbs of Drummondville, Quebec. Founded in 1989, the company is now a member of the Quebec Wood Export Bureau and the National Wood Floor Association. All of its products carry the seal of excellence and is recognized worldwide for outstanding quality. All coating products are manufactured subject to ISO 9001 rules and performance criteria. Abrasion result show 30% to 110% better than the competition using ASTM D 4060-95 technique. All pre-finished products don't show any "ribbing" of the varnish or "orange peel effect" of the sealer.

PG Model specializes in the production of prefinished hardwood flooring and has experienced constant growth since 1997. The company is renowned for the exceptional quality of its products and has established an enviable reputation, thanks to the unique balance achieved with the finish applied to each of its boards. Quality – beauty – balance – choice: this is what the consumer obtains when purchasing Model™ flooring.

Steers is a Newfoundland & Labrador company with decades of experience in offering quality products. The Imperial Collection is a Steers' exclusive hardwood and laminate offering. Cluney Carpets is pleased to have these lines for our many customers.

We have many colours in these Hardwoods available to order. Since prices are subject to change without notice -  please call or visit our store for updated pricing.

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