Cluney Carpets Ltd. Is pleased to recommend and to offer for SALE the Woodpecker™ Advantage Plus Care System which assures you of “Streak Free” cleaning of all hardwood and laminate floors – keeping them sparkling clean.

Here is what the Woodpecker™ Advantage Plus System includes:
• Customized Woodpecker™ Floor Care Applicator
• Extra wide base and light weight for ease of use
• Low profile 360⁰ swivel hinge for cleaning around    furniture and chairs
• 755 ml / 26 oz bottle of Woodpecker™ Hardwood    and Laminate Floor Cleaner
• Easy to use fine mist spray bottle
• Two custom fit, reversible, washable, long lasting   Woodpecker™ “Terry Bonnets”

• Unique “Non Abrasive” Scrub Pad (attached to the bottom of our Woodpecker™   Floor Care   Applicator) for removing tough stains

The following information is to increase the level of customer knowledge and in turn customer satisfaction regarding wood surface

• Wood should never be stored in a garage, but on site where the flooring is to be installed.
• Wood flooring should not be delivered during painting and / or plastering. Wood will absorb all    excess moisture causing a delay on installation
• There is a minimum of 48 hours for wood products to properly acclimatize on site.
• Wood flooring must be properly acclimatized. The interior of the home needs to be maintained    within a relative humidity range of 37 - 45% and a temperature range of 18- 22 degrees C.
• Moisture content in the sub-floor (plywood) should never exceed 12%.
• Moisture content of the wood product must always be between 6 - 8%.
• Only selected wood products are warranted for installation below grade.
• Wood is a natural material that expands (tightens) and contracts (opens) with the seasons and    heating of the home.
• Clean wood flooring using recommended cleaning products. Do not use water and vinegar or    other household cleaning products. They will damage your wood floor.
• Control humidity levels by the use of a dehumidifier or humidifier.

Note:  Cupping describes the condition of the wood floor when the edges of a board are high and its center is lower. Splitting of boards can result from this cupping. Humidity / excess water is usually the cause of Cupping. This excess moisture causes the boards to swell, crushing the edges against each other; therefore cupping. Cupping is not covered under warranty.